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    And of course all things furry
  1. Anthro Or Feral?

    I often dance between. My dreams I'm fera, but if I could actually transform permantly it would have to be anthro (I love working with tech too much).
  2. What should everyone be watching?

    No originally they wanted the show to be about conservation of resources but they kinda gave up on that. Or if I rephrase: Full Spread
  3. What should everyone be watching?

    Voyager is one of my favorites the acting is spot on the writing could use some work. Enterprise is a really good show it just has the problem of rewriting star trek history which is no good at all. So for those who enjoy silly videos this one is about voyager:
  4. What Games Are You Playing Now?

    Oo Mech game i haven't seen makes me think I should get a windows machine. They all look like fun.
  5. Furry/animal Tf Games ?

    Lands of Lore II the central theme of the game is a forced transformation.
  6. RP Character Profiles

    RP: The World Spun Backwards: Rebooted Name: Easun Age: 19 Gender: Male Species: Spirit Appearance: As a human: Appears to be a young boy of age 13. He has short unkept blond hair with white Cat eats sticking out. His face is complemented with short fangs and yellow cat eyes. On his writs and ankles. His feet and hands end in sharp claws. He wears only a pair of white shorts and small red collar on his neck. As a cat: He appars a small white kitten with the same red colar. Personality: He likes to play inocent but he has a mistiouvous streak as wide as the prairies. Easun tends to care about his friends more than he lets on prefering to maintain the appearence of allofness. Skills: He is skilled at sneaking and pick pocketing. Climbing and balance are also his fortie. Though his claws are sharp and painful when hit he has not real skill in attacking (though lots in dodging) Abilities: He is able to change from his humanish form to his cat form taking his clothing with him. He has control over the wind though it is tied to his emotions so most of the time he can manage a mild breath he needs to be reaaly angry to do anything interesting with it. Lastly for some reason (Easun has no idea why) he doesn't have the ability to tell the whole truth (ie everything he says has to be a partial lie of some sort). Possessions: Nothing other than his shorts and collar. (see shipwreak) History: Hailing orginall from the Great Lakes basin Easun has spent his life moving from one game to another. In one of his games gone awray Easun ended on as a stoe away on a ship. The ship was wrecked and well that was a week ago. Goals: He wants to find adventure, have some fun and maybe even make a few friends.
  7. Species?

    I generally identify myself as a whit cat. As for the second question I don't think species matters as much as finding someone who likes all of me.