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  1. How Far Away Are We?

    I don't know enough about the sciences to give a good answer, but I feel we're far more likely to make some sort of brain transplant into another being before we managed anything genetic.
  2. Why did you/want to be a furry?

    Hah, I'm a bit late to the party, but I'll answer this one. In high school I read a book called "Song in the Silence" that featured a female main character going to a sort of mythical island. *Spoilers Ahead* The fruit on the island was to be gathered and sold and she was trying to make money for her family by going on the journey. Turns out the island is home to a race of dying dragons and one of them feels connected to her. Long story short one of the dragons ends up becoming Human to marry her and over the next 2 books they restore life to the dying dragon tribe. There was a brief section though where everything was changed around and she became a dragon to live with him. For some reason this pique'd my interest and I started wondering just what being different things would feel. This ranged from animals to mythical beasts and it kind of just built upon itself until suddenly furry.
  3. Furry/animal Tf Games ?

    I played Shifter back on ps2 I think, premise was you had different trees you could go down (Beast, Alien, Genie, and Mecha I think?) That all had different transformations and ways to solve the games puzzles. The combat was pretty awful though. For just general TF games this is a decent site for finding some user created ones: http://tfgamessite.com/ It has a pretty heavy focus on tg though.
  4. Last To Post Wins 4 (2 Outside Japan)

    The Late Night Battle Continues! Now with even more Bottle.
  5. Species?

    Pictured a fox for the longest time as my sona.. but lately been in a mousey mood for some reason.