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  1. Last To Post Wins 4 (2 Outside Japan)

    Superiority complex! mwahahahaha what delightful fun we squirrels shall have with one such as you!
  2. Last To Post Wins 4 (2 Outside Japan)

    Your bath is useless against my rubber ducky!
  3. Last To Post Wins 4 (2 Outside Japan)

    o3o I've never seen that Pokemon before... Everyone RETREAT from the hideous and seemingly highly dangerous beast D:
  4. Last To Post Wins 4 (2 Outside Japan)

    Khaz, you are such a dirty cheat :V Teach me your ways! pwease? ;~;
  5. Last To Post Wins 4 (2 Outside Japan)

    You people are crazy. I like this place...
  6. Last To Post Wins 4 (2 Outside Japan)

    Ah well... Three squirrels is good enough, i suppose.
  7. Last To Post Wins 4 (2 Outside Japan)

    Squirrel? Squirrel. Squirrel! SQUIRRELS ERRYWHAR. Seriously, There are four active squirrels on this site. Another site I'm on, that has hundreds of active members, only has one squirrel. Me. Now I'm all confused cuz there are lots of squirrels OwO
  8. Last To Post Wins 4 (2 Outside Japan)

    But... but... *explodes*
  9. RP Character Profiles

    RP: The World that Spun Backwards REBOOT Name: Mawz (Real name unknown - he doesn't even know) Species: Spirit Age: 895 Height: 5'11" Visual Characteristics: (Wolf form) - Thinner body than the typical wolf and obviously built like a runner. Jet black fur and dark green eyes (Glow light green in the dark). Wears a thin, black vest and leggings. Doesn't wear shoes, as he personally sees no use for them. On his left arm is a sort of leather bracer (Black, of course). On the underside of the bracer is a concealed sheath for his dagger. Has a cloak, but only wears it while in a city. Inside his vest is a thin holster where he carries a flute. (Human form) - Appears to be an 17-18 year old boy. Same eye color. Long, straight, black hair, with a blonde birthmark in the back (really noticeable; it's almost bleach white). Still refuses to wear shoes. Wears the cloak only in the city. Wears a long-sleeved, dark grey shirt under the vest. Carries a small bag at his waist that holds his shirt and cloak when not wearing them. Personality: Others view him as dark and emotionless. Not afraid to kill. He keeps himself busy to avoid thinking about the past. Ignores compliments of any kind, and keeps most of his thoughts to himself, though he will express his opinion if he feels like it. Contrary to his rather "emo" outlook, however, internally he is very protective over those he cares about. He is a nice person to those who actually know him, and harsh and cynical to those who don't. He only talks when needed, and if asked about his past, he usually either disappears or pulls out his flute and starts to play. In combat, he usually works alone, self-sufficiently. In other words, he isn't much of a team player when it comes to a fight. (Overconfident in his own abilities) Hides any anger behind a veil of cynicism and sarcasm, which he does to avoid the evil in his heart. However, when he does give in to his anger (Someone is trying to hurt someone he cares about, somebody takes his flute, etc.), he loses control by giving into his evil nature. ) he gets very scary. Becomes more powerful, but dangerous to everyone around him and even to himself. During his rage, he destroys everything in his path (Or at least tries to) until he fixes (Or destroys) whatever caused his anger. Afterwards, he tends to pass out or collapse from over-expending his abilities, and awakes after a few hours with no memory of the incident. Skills: Very skilled with his knife, and can use it short or medium ranged. Also fairly good at hand-to-hand (or paw-to-paw) combat. Exremely stealthy (When he chooses to be.) Also a fairly decent flute player and singer. ^_^ Also, despite the form of his mouth while in wolf-form, he can still play the flute (due to many many years of practice). Remembers many of the songs he heard when he was young, and prefers to play them instead of the new tunes that people have invented (Though, his memory is not all that great. Mostly justs remembers the tunes. Some words and phrases, however, Have stuck in his mind.). Good at getting out of bonds and picking locks, but by no means a master at it. Relies more on speed and skill than brute strength. Possessions: Flute (Silver-plated brass, well-made. As a kid, he had always loved flutes, and his dad bought him a flute only a few weeks before they were killed.), Knife (Well made, but nothing special.), Clothes mentioned above. Nothing really valuable or of particular note. Also has a small necklace that he wears at all times. (Shape of a dog-tag, but no case. On the front is the Japanese symbol for "Wolf" on the front and a small inscription on the back - It was one of the few things he had had on his person when his parents were killed; It had been a gift from his dad. As a kid, he was always in love with wolves.) Small bag for carrying the shirt and cloak when not wearing them. Abilities: Can manipulate shadows in various ways. He can use them to travel short distances instantly, lift them and form insubstantial images, deepen them to hide, and can even animate his own shadow. Can change between full human and wolf forms during the day, but whenever the moon is up, he is unable to change to human. Can still use all of his abilities in human form, but they aren't quite as potent. Also, doesn't sleep. Not because he chooses to, but because he can't. History: Descendent of a spirit/human couple. Born in the middle of winter, 2009. His parents died when he was 11. Was then adopted by an old man who taught him how to hunt and generally take care of himself (Both of which he proved to learn fairly quickly). A blank in Mawz's own memories occurs when he was 17 years old. (Basically, the man turned out to be an evil spirit who forcefully awakened Mawz's spirit one night - I'll work on description of that later). Ran away that night and has never seen the old man since. Traveled all over what was called Canada before coming farther south. Recently in his travels, he heard about the port city from a few travellers and began heading there, seeking an escape route by boat. He knows nothing about spirits, doesn't know that he is one, and is internally confused about what exactly his own purpose is.