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    Aviation, wolves, flying, FreeFall, piloting, driving, planes...
  1. What is a tulpa? [CURIOSITY]

    I read that as having an O-5 signature at the end of it, a la SCP-Style...
  2. okay, so I graphed drag force by velocity. so now, I need to work out acceleration according to drag force....

  3. Im thinking that North Korea in the media lately has reminded a lot of people that the country exists... how many people know where Wonsan is though? Like if Falcon has improved your knowledge of geography.

  4. it took 2 days straight, but I finally got bored of listening to Pharoahs Throne on a loop.

  5. to beat you I dont need my pants or even leather shoes...

  6. ARG stupid stupid KS-19s...

  7. so.... anyone got a spare potentiometer?

  8. and..... didnt get paid again this week... joy of joys...

  9. arg why must my internet suck.... -.-

  10. arg. just got a stable ping of over 10000 ms in lol...