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The FurMorphed Agreement



An up to date copy of this document will be available to view at all times from FurMorphed.com.

As a registered member of FurMorphed.com, or a user of any area of the FurMorphed Community, you must agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this document.

It is the duty of the user to have read and understood this document fully before completing registration and to have a continued knowledge and understanding of its terms for continued membership.

You accept the terms in this document on your own behalf and not for those you are in contact with.  As such any content gained through restricted sections must not be distributed to other members or to any persons not registered.

You accept that failure to abide by these terms and conditions may result in warnings and ultimately banning from the FurMorphed.com community.


FurMorphed.com reserves the right to change this document at any time.

Notice will be posted accordingly if any changes are made to this document.

Even if you do not fully read any updates to this document, for continued membership you are still bound by its terms.

If it should happen that you do not agree with any terms in this document after any update you must request that your account be terminated.

If you fail to comply with any updated part of this document you must rectify this within a reasonable timeframe or you will be subject to any action required by the most recent version of this document.


FurMorphed.com or its staff will never sell, rent or lease your personal details or lists of details to other companies, websites or entities.

Log files are maintained and analysed of all requests for files on the FurMorphed.com web servers. Log files do not capture personal information but do capture the user's IP address, which is automatically recognised by our web servers.

Each post and log in attempt records your IP address.  In the event that you are to be banned from FurMorphed.com this will be used to limit access.

2.0.1 Cookies

FurMorphed.com will attempt to place a cookie on your device.

FurMorphed.com does not store any information that would, on its own, allow individual users of this service to be identified without their permission.  Any cookies that may be used are used either solely on a per session basis or to maintain user preferences.

Cookies are not shared with any third parties.

In accepting the terms in this document you agree to FurMorphed.com’s use of cookies.


FurMorphed.com enforces a minimum age restriction on users referenced in section 3.2.  For that reason no part of the FurMorphed.com community is purposefully structured to attract anyone under the age of a legally recognised adult.


FurMorphed will never ask you for your password through any means. If you are asked for your password you must report this immediately.


All information in your profile should be accurate and reflect your legal identity.  Information regarding fictional characters or online aliases supplied outside specified fields will be regarded as fraudulent data.

FurMorphed.com can request that information be altered or remove information without notice if it is deemed to be inaccurate or vulgar in nature.

FurMorphed.com has the ability to remove any objectionable content from profiles within a reasonable time frame.  Any user who finds content that is objectionable is encouraged to report the profile immediately.

You agree never to give out your password to another person or member, or allow another person or member to use your account.

3.1 AGE

You accept that you must be considered a legal adult in your country of residence to hold an account with FurMorphed.com.

FurMorphed.com cannot be held accountable for any breach of law or exposure to content that may result from fraudulently holding an account.


You must not use temporary or disposable email addresses to register with FurMorphed.com.

Registration is subject to clicking an email validation link and a manual approvals process.


You agree to follow good etiquette when communicating with other members on FurMorphed.com

You accept that guidelines specified below are not the full extent of this etiquette but resemble an outline on which you should base your conduct.

You accept that further to these guidelines all content is subject to the disclaimers in section 4.2 and any further regulation determined within this document.

You accept that failure to follow these guidelines, or post in any way deemed inappropriate, may result in loss of your account.

The guidelines are as follows;

  • No spam; flooding, advertisements, chain letters or pyramid schemes.

  • No verbally abusing other members and/or flaming or otherwise engaging in heated discussions with the specific intent of aggravating other members.

  • No posting of any copyrighted material unless you own the copyright or you have proof of consent from the owner of the copyright nor should you plagiarize another's material.

  • No posting or posting links to malicious material that would in any way damage another computer or device or cause any breach of the law.

You accept that repercussions of failures to follow any guidelines on FurMorphed.com or a FurMorphed.com Community may be transferable between then mentioned locations.


You agree that when communicating with other members, and non-members, on any groups or chat rooms in addition to the guidelines in section 4.0 you should;

  • Not connect an excessive number of multiple usernames or alias’.

  • Not post porn or other objectionable or NSFW material unless in a clearly outlined specific location.

You accept that failure to also follow these additional guidelines, or post in any way deemed inappropriate, may result in loss of your account or removal from the community area or chat room.

You accept that repercussions of failures to follow any guidelines on FurMorphed.com or a FurMorphed.com Community may be transferable between then mentioned locations.


FurMorphed.com cannot and does not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness, safety or usefulness of any posted content.

The content expresses the views of the author of the message only and not the views of FurMorphed.com, its staff, or other members.

Any user who feels that content is objectionable or in breach of this document must report it immediately.

FurMorphed.com has the ability to remove objectionable content within a reasonable time frame if it is determined that removal is necessary.

You remain solely responsible for your own posted content.

Only marked sections of FurMorphed.com accept content considered NSFW (Not Safe For Work), if content is deemed to be placed incorrectly it may be moved without notice.

You accept that FurMorphed.com is not accountable for any content posted by its members.


You accept that FurMorphed.com maintains an automatic system controlling access to restricted sections.

Once new account registration is completed some new forum sections will appear but others will remain restricted.

After 5 days and 5 posts the remaining sections of the forum and the downloads section will no longer be restricted.

This staggered entry system is in place to help ensure your safety should you choose to participate in hypnosis.  It does not affect any other areas of the site.

Access to sections marked as NSFW (Not Safe For Work) employ a manual system controlled by Administrators.  To gain access an Administrator must be contacted and will approve your application.


FurMorphed.com will do its best to help to ensure your safety but cannot be held accountable for it.

Hypnotic content featured on FurMorphed.com is subject to the disclaimers in section 4.2.

You accept that pre-recorded hypnosis sessions are regarded as self-hypnosis and as such accountability for any effect, adverse or otherwise, is solely yours.

You accept the stance of FurMorphed.com that it is the subjects choice to allow themselves to enter a hypnotic state.

You accept that you alone are accountable for your own safety and actions in any undertaking of live hypnosis and as such accountability for any effect, adverse or otherwise, is solely yours.

Any persons acting as a hypnotist found to be neglecting to gain or deceitful in gaining consent or attempting to act against the desires of a subject will also become accountable.

Any persons acting as a hypnotist within the FurMorphed.com communities will find their content, inclusive of any hypnosis session or recording, subject to the guidelines in section 4.

You agree that all active hypnosis (inductions, post hypnotic triggering, etc) is to be kept to private areas for the safety and consideration of other users.


In regards to this document the following words or phrases have these meanings;


This document - Refers to The FurMorphed Agreement

You - Refers to the reader/user holding or wishing to hold an account with FurMorphed.com

NSFW - Refers to the common initial “Not Safe For Work” and means content not suitable for public display or to minors.

FurMorphed.com community  - Refers to the FurMorphed.com official website and any outreaches on social networking or other communication platforms.

Material - Refers to any works in any form or data that may or may not belong to any member.