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  2. @kirayusa Mr. Potter... Has... Given Dobby a.... Sock?

  3. Will wearing headphones hinder the hypnosis experience.
  4. @SonySupportUSA What's the difference between the 860A and 490A Blu-ray drives for the PS4?

  5. Did you ever resume hypnosis?
  6. RT @CasualFennec: RT to bless someone's timeline

  7. Eeeeeee thank you :D

  8. Of redwood colored hair from her freckled face and pressed her weight against her now closed binder. "E...excuse me?" She asked #OoSV1

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  10. Man, if I could have any album run alongside my life it'd be the Life is strange OST or an Alt J album~

  11. RT @AStarwind: @SandiaLabs If I sent you the cooling fan of a PS4 console, could you make a replacement cooler for the same form factor?

  12. RT @bethesda: Couldn't make it to #BE3? Follow + RT for a chance to win our Bethesdaland Pin set!

  13. 100 points for Earthbound reference.

  14. @carbideVerstand Carl.

  15. This. Made. My. Day. XDDD

  16. RT @avxnger: THIS IS WILD

  17. @Fuzzypaw You should smile moar :0

  18. Backgrounds are my biggest enemy

  19. Thank you, I've already played around with some of the female transformations on YouTube and the only few I've found on here but I have yet to try Binural beats. Also, where did it say that I was under 18? (Sorry, I made my account at the end of 2015 which means i was 16 at that time but as of last march I'm now 18.)
  20. Genetic TF is gathering pace here - we now have more than one programmer on the team! (we need about 20 to write the software)
  21. I actually quit hypnosis after 3 years of it because I was scared of succeeding. That fear held me back from properly visualising the effects, because I was worried that if I allowed myself to believe fully that I had already become an anthro red fox, I would lose the drive to do the job properly (through genetics). Which I am working on now and will be for years yet. So yeah I guess that isn't the answer you are looking for, but it was because I had seen the potency of the hypnosis files on those who did allow them to work fully, that I felt that way. I should point out that the files will do what you honestly expect and want them to do on a subconscious level. If you expect them to cause random TFs at the worst possible moments, i.e. because you are anxious, then that will be what they do. If you expect a permanent, always-on TF, you will get that - but you have to believe and hold on to the way you want it to be as a fact of your innermost self.
  22. ^this. You can believe in magic but with a healthy dose of scientific consideration - that none of the 'spells' you've heard of count as real things that actually happened until you see actual proof and are able to share that proof with us and anyone else who asks and has the ability to critically review it. Empiricism stands between magical thinking and commonly defined sanity.
  23. Spoke through a toothy grin. "Are you any good at climbing?" "Y...yes, why?" "Because; We are going to see the Weaver Itself." #OoSV1

  24. Story posts will be delayed tonight due to dealing with trying to reactivate my phone. Expect them in the later times (IE. 6 - 8pm)

  25. Hello! Im kit. I am a transgendered woman (m2f) and experienced in hypnosis both as a subject and as a hypnotist. I have used hypnosis a great deal to escape from the feelings of dysphoria, there are many methods and styles you can attempt however i must warn you it is a temporary measure and will not in any way cure you in the long term. Consider what you really want to do with hypnosis. Do you want a long-term solution/relationship with it? 1) Transformation - Into female, or a female creature. This can involve imagery or total transformation in the mind. 2) Emotion/Feelings - I would suggest you try relaxation based hypnosis such as guided imagery and fantasy adventures to help you relax. 3) Binaural beats - You can also use a binaural beat generator to help you sleep at night. This has been very useful for me to help me loosen and get some rest. I recommend In regards to files and hypnosis your best bet is to search around and see what you are comfortable with. I would again urge caution however. In all honesty? Its better to work this kind of thing out without hypnosis influencing your behavior/thoughts. A large quantity of transgender-focused files are adult in nature or at the very least cover adult topics so you will have some difficulty with your age. I am unfortunately unable to recommend anything until you pass 18. As i said, i recommend you try relaxation based hypnosis. Heres a couple of things that come to mind: Dr Brian David Philip's Animal Spirit Guide, A guided imagery hypnosis session - This is an old file, its out of circulation (indeed i couldn't find it on a quick search just now) but it was an exceptional file that goes through meditation and spirit animals. There was an accompanying session that involved shapeshifting as well. Other than that, you are welcome to ask me anything or chat to me on the discord. I am here to talk about experiences etc, however please keep in mind due to uk law I cannot discuss adult topics till you pass 18.
  26. 1. The whole gay parallels to the babadook are REALLY silly xD 2. This is like, the best horror movie I've ever seen xD

  27. #thankyoudecker @timheidecker

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