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  2. @PSYRUSAURUS I took a shower and then cleaned my house for about 4 hours. I feel quite a bit better with a clean sp…

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  4. @PSYRUSAURUS It's like if DS and Deus Ex had a space baby.

  5. @DuoVandal @GameSack no, the yellow is from a fire retardant chemical in the plastic that changes color when exposed to UV.

  6. This is freaking adorable. AND INFORMITIVE!!

  7. Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (Darkest Dungeon) live at

  8. RT @NintendoAmerica: Super Mario World, Earthbound, Star Fox 2 + 18 more games? Now you’re playing with super power! #SNESClassic launches…

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  10. Welcome.......
  11. Welcome.......
  12. Welcome......
  13. I'm playing No man's sky on permadeath mode x.x the intro is so hard


  15. Thank you all!
  16. @kataze @misspixystix That's an inside joke xD in DnD I always play glass cannons

  17. Hi

    I'm glad you think so. Welcome.
  18. Welcome....
  19. Hello hello and welcome. Nice to have you here and a very nice introduction too. Hopefully you have fun here.
  20. Personalty I prefer to do hypnosis with noise canceling head phones, it makes for less distractions.
  21. Hi

    I'm new and this site looks interesting......
  22. @tehdrack Valley girl: uuuuh Kaytlyn ? I'm a human?

  23. Welcome!
  24. Hey, everyone! I'm Rafi, a 23 year old cheetah from Norway. I just found this site through Google searching and thought I might as well register here too. I've been into animal/furry transformations since I was a small kid, which has led me down the path of both the furry community, as well as therianthropy. The idea of becoming an animal has always been intriguing to me, and the more I can do to get into that fantasy, the better. I've therefore been curious about hypnosis for a while. It's been hard to take the time to get into it properly, but maybe this place can help me get some inspiration, as it seems that hypnosis has a major focus here. Other than that, I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. If not, I'll see you around. - Rafi
  25. Any other Vyvanse users have trouble sleeping?

  26. If you can find somewhere to sit or lay comfortably with them then wearing headphones will not hinder any experience. Some files are made including binaural effects or sounds which are intended for use with headphones so in those cases they will improve the experience.
  27. @StrikeVixen Are you a Fae?

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