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  2. Apperently my brother just got a call from my mom saying: Hey! I'm probably going to devorce your stepdad and move… https://t.co/5IykFllgRX

  3. RT @LarryGlickman: Regulations save lives. In 1960 gasoline contained lead, seat belts were not required. It was before Truth in Packaging…

  4. Last week
  5. @Gaernin Yeah xD; Each full piece of duct is about 520Lbs. Each individual sheet is about 130 lbs.

  6. @winterslex @snowmiaux Oh my god I wasn’t prepared for this at all and it’s too good

  7. RT @FoxLightning7: Best review on Steam for Okami https://t.co/muQqyELJEc

  8. Wip of my new Starfinder character! https://t.co/ehvU0lyDh4

  9. RT @SarahcatFursuit: Like this boy? He'll be for sale soon as a partial! Will have photos of him being worn in a few days after finals. htt…

  10. RT @momodamermaid: What y’all used to get bullied for?

  11. #barqsmoment #barqsmomentmonday #barqsrootbeer #starwars #thelastjedi https://t.co/uNpQ6fVXzh

  12. @StrikeVixen @Tetraform Sorry...

  13. @PifOtter @ReagentTroika So it'd just be an entire episode of him drawing alone in a slightly lit room? ;D

  14. RT @Kokoro_Tokoro: フォックスとジェームズ https://t.co/EJKiqbWAne

  15. RT @DeoTasDevil: Nazi furs got @edgedestroys suspended The suspension has hurt job as an indie artist so if you could please share this to…

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  17. A few movies I have watched this year were Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Alien, and Prometheus. I do recommend these movies if any of you get a chance to watch them.
  18. RT @itoumeanathing: ppl like "is death stranding gonna have gameplay" so quickly forget kojima wanted a two week long boss battle in mgs3 a…

  19. RT @animalcrossing: I have a fun idea… Let's all retweet this tweet! If we can get to 100K retweets worldwide, we'll give everyone 20 Leaf…

  20. @Auralnauts @Patreon What new system?

  21. RT @Nerkin1985: @RubyEclipse Thanks for your support, guys

  22. What Games Are You Playing Now?

    I recently got back into playing Hand of Fate again, aside from that lately I have been playing online tabletop games. I have more games that have multiplayer, but currently internet is not the best where I am so making due with what I have.
  23. @JOtter64 @ZestieHorsie Omg I get this joke and yeah, every time someone brings up lgb stuff in the model train hob… https://t.co/8JwWttGvd7

  24. @StrikeVixen Still mooing.

  25. Greetings

    I'll preface my introduction post by stating that I'm not that great at introduction posts... (._. ) I've been a lurker in furry and hypnosis forums for the past few years, though I truly got into it in the past year. I found this site through FA and was immediately interested, so here's hoping I won't fall into lurk mode here too.
  26. #OrvilleMoment https://t.co/HqivDqF1Kv

  27. @Stripeydragon @yamrthehammer You look sadder :( where did that smile go?

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