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  2. Trouble going into trance

    I am also having this type of issue. I tried various hypnosis recordings, and the best effect I got was falling asleep when using Vive's induction (no joke, this is the best effect I've got). With others, I could not even fall asleep, not to mention getting hypnotized.
  3. RT @ashiinu: Commission from @spareminty for bae and I

  4. RT @cfm_miku_en: still can't believe Twitter gave this account the Blue Verification Check Mark but hasn't given it to the Actually Helpful…

  5. @matoakit @TheCoffeeSnolf No it's just a stale piece of bread! Open your eyes! Geez.

  6. @Keekobeagle Nope. No showers allowed. XP Kk~

  7. RT @Poodleslime: finished commission for silver! i loved working on this and the pastels were fun to mess with https://t.co/HMwpSi59qx

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  9. @arangeroftexas Sub-Martin

  10. @TJOmega There was one in japan, the press is made of metallic swirl plastic.

  11. RT @chromaticCorona: Real Milennial Culture is desperately trying to find happiness for yourself and others in whatever tiny moments you ca…

  12. RT @bandai_digimon: 冬のスポーツの祭典の盛り上がりがデジタルワールドにも伝わり、いろいろな競技がデジモンたちにも大ブーム! レナモンがフィギュアスケートで華麗な演技を披露。見る者を魅了しちゃう美しさです✨ #デジモンイラスト #デジモン #Digimon h…

  13. @Emboof Just start looking for a new job now. There is nothing good that can come of this besides inheriting a bl… https://t.co/WTgzhyP3oq

  14. @tastymochafox How’s you do this? I’m interested in a mastodon account but I’d like to cross post If I do

  15. There is probably ONE good thing that you did. Just ONE. It's that you exist at all, and are a living reminder of t… https://t.co/PTzW9dibEt

  16. #barqsmomentmonday #barqsmoment #olympics https://t.co/505kR7FEol

  17. How I feel after I go to #TFF2018 #ironartist every year https://t.co/mjEbrix7dm

  18. I have my birds a challenge millet >] https://t.co/CCu4PGjgUU

  19. I would love to coat some computer heat sinks with this and see how well it performs: https://t.co/nCDwNnDRJT It's… https://t.co/LGrLXEA1C3

  20. I’m getting really tired of these commentators talking over everything #OpeningCeremonies

  21. @PSYRUSAURUS Show me where they are because all I got is grizzled old grandpa's where I work >< xD

  22. @intel Is there any chance that 3D Crosspoint Memory could be made available in a MicroSD form factor, or as a stan… https://t.co/cPlVzRIN6G

  23. RT @ICSandwichGuy: https://t.co/mOjLHZXqXa

  24. @druidpup 3 is so good omg it’s so 80s racing it needs to be recorded on vhs

  25. @SilverYote @StrikeVixen *phone rings* Yoda: "Fucked up, you did."

  26. RT @ashens: At last, crowdfunding reaches its true potential https://t.co/WJLH8syCBP

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