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  2. @jirachi_foxy @renegade_roo What show is that?

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  4. RT @PopGeekCo: PRE-ORDER ALERT: TEEN TITANS GO! ROCK CANDY https://t.co/Q5Z7V4flGC #PopGeekCo #Funko #RockCandy #TTG #Starfire #Raven htt…

  5. So Ive been on a journey, played Senuas sacrifuce and now Observer_ Both traumatic, uncomfortable games! Both fsntastic though.

  6. RT @rayjwatson: Johnny Cash stood for a lot of things, but intolerance wasn't one of them. His family wants you to know that. https://t.co…

  7. RT @Auralnauts: @donttrythis I'm glad that random internet people that we're not freaking out about at all enjoyed our video.

  8. RT @RobW0lf: Hey guys Nazis are bad Please give me RTs I'm making a totally unique and new statement that has never been said before https…

  9. RT @TeflonDom187: This needs to be retweeted and shared over and over till everyone understands #Charolettesville https://t.co/5NsC8nXzmt

  10. Ran a Dnd session with my group, they smashed some angry mimic spiders, and stumbled their way through the safest exit out of a labrynth!

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  12. RT @OmanReagan: 1947 anti-fascist video made by US military to teach citizens how to avoid falling for people like Trump is relevant again.…

  13. @TamwellAndCo @Fangworthh @WargullDeDragon Oh my.

  14. I think my new fetish is playing Ana in overwatch and sleep darting bastion LITERALLY EVERY TIME he sets up xD

  15. @NASA I think sending Donald Trump into space and leaving him there would be a self-justified expense.

  16. RT @w_terrence: My Response to the Lady who got mad because of my Chicken GoFundMe with a goal of a $1! I was just joking why u mad

  17. https://t.co/CEOuR2kFhO

  18. RT @LauraJaneGrace: Spent time taking pictures with some fans today https://t.co/4S4bkqMJqI

  19. Hello

    Hi there. I'm Dark End, hypnosis enthusiast and writer. I figured I should set up an account so I can chat here from time to time.
  20. RT @Johjoh45: Crash is best big brother

  21. @StrikeVixen Turns out there are dozens of types of computer memory that are Lostech.

  22. @TheAnonJournal Too bad hitler ruined the symbol of peace for the worst possible kind of hatred

  23. Halo What-if: How would Halo Reach be different if everyone from Noble Team survived?

  24. @PlayOverwatch https://t.co/lSHgbGcKNt

  25. RT @navithefairy24: @TheActMan_YT That's a great analogy

  26. RT @hourlyFox: https://t.co/7LusghP7l4

  27. @Fuzzypaw I feel your pain xD

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